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Catholic Health Insurance

As a Catholic seeking health insurance, you may find the cost of coverage much higher than you anticipated. In fact, in the last five years, health costs have far outpaced inflation by as much as %100. On top of this need for lower costs, Catholics need greater flexibility in their plans. As a Catholic, you'll probably want a health insurance plan that excludes coverage for contraceptives, abortion, sterilization, and artificial insemination.

As of now, there are no wide-reaching or large-scale Catholic group health insurance plans, but many smaller, local Catholic health plans exist. The best option is to ask your agent, or check with your state's insurance commission. You can also check with your local diocese to see if such plans exist.

Some propose Group Catholic health insurance, but there have been no major efforts to spearhead this initiative. Despite the lack of progress in this realm, the Catholic Church has always worked to improve the health of both Catholics and Non-Catholics through a myriad of health care centers and hospitals throughout the U.S.

Catholic Health Initiatives

The Catholic Social Justice movement has always made adequate health care and insurance coverage a goal. Some well-known Catholic groups, including Catholic Charities USA advocates a wide range of measures to help assist the Nation's uninsured population. In fact the Catholic Medical Association called on policy-makers to support a provision of refundable tax credits to purchase medical services or health coverage. In fact, in 2003, the CMA called the addition of 2.4 million uninsured Americans "a national disgrace."

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